Smoke Removal Services

Smoke Removal Services
Smoke Removal Services, Smoke Removal Services

Smoke would be the most devastating thing for the people if there were fire damage in the building. Smoke in one room will contaminate all the areas in the facility, So, there need the Smoke Removal Services . The smoke tends to stick to the walls, ceiling, and every inventory in the building. The tiny smoke particles have the power and ability to make people terminally ill and cause hazardous ailments. You need expert technicians to remove these harmful particles from your property.

Our technicians get equipped with safety gadgets, powerful and robust chemicals safe to use in the area, even for children and pets. When you use detergent and water, you will not only destroy the texture, appliances, and inventory in the building, but the hazardous smoke will still keep lingering to make people terminally ill.

Types of smoke 

When you have a smoke damage situation in your building, you must understand that four basic types of smoke will affect the property and people accordingly. You should avoid considering removing the smoke as your DIY project and must call our expert technicians to handle the scenario and make the place safe and secure for everyone inside.

  1. Dry smoke when there is a high-temperature fire and the wood and paper burnt with ample air. This will give off dry smoke. This type of smoke is easy to clean among all four types. But this doesn’t mean that you can take things in your hand and do it yourself.

Our technicians safely remove these particles, and you get a safe area from the smoky odor.

  1. Protein Residue
  2. When the kitchen is where some dish caused the mishap, and you had to suffer from the fire and smoke, the result is this category of smoke. The protein residue smoke results from a low-heat fire that involved protein, oil, or any other edible material involved.
Smoke Removal Services
Smoke Removal Services

The smoke of this type is hard to see for most people, but the odor and soot will tarnish the paint, and you will have to bear the odor and smell until the smoke gets removed from the building. This type of smoke is deemed the least harmful fall, but there are still consequences attached to this type.

  1. Fuel/Oil Residue
  2. This type of smoke is not common in homes and offices—the places where fuel or oil burns in any form. If there are fuels stored in a place and there had been a fire accident, this smoke will cover the entire facility, and you will have to suffer from the smell and harmful chemicals.
  3. Wet Smoke
  4. When there is low heat smoldering fire with plastic and rubber, the result is wet smoke. The smoke from burning appliances and other related materials will create this hazardous and most harmful type of smoke. When there is damp smoke in your building, call our expert technician and get rid of the toxic chemicals and particles from the entire facility.