Water Damage Phoenix

Damage caused by water to your home can be severe. It is not unusual for water damage to cost hundreds of dollars. You can avoid water damage if you understand the most common causes of it. Not only do we specialize in many of these problems, but we have also been helping Phoenix residents with their Water Damage, Flood Damage, and Mold Removal needs for years.

Most Common Causes of Water Damage:

Water Leaks from Toilets

A leaky toilet can ruin walls and floors. If you suspect your toilet is leaking, you can check it quickly. The toilet lid needs to get removed. It is then necessary for you to put a dye tablet in the tank. Wait 10-15 minutes after putting the lid back on the toilet. Examine the water in the bathroom by removing the lid. As a result, colored water indicates a leak.

Over time, toilet leaks tend to get worse. You need to get it fixed immediately if the damage is apparent.

Water Damage Phoenix
Water Damage Phoenix

Sewage Backup Water Damage

Tree roots can block drainage systems. Typically, sewage backups are identifiable by a foul-smelling drain, slow draining bathtubs, and water backed up in the shower or sink. The best thing to do is to perform regular plumbing maintenance to prevent sewage backup.

Garbage Disposal 

Several issues can arise from a malfunctioning garbage disposal. Food and dirty water can enter your home if your garbage disposal leaks. If this occurs, you will have to repair or replace your garbage disposal.

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Flash Flooding 

There are many reasons why there might be flash floods. They may include severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, tropical storms, and hurricanes. It is impossible to prevent flash flooding, unlike some other types of water damage. It’s also possible to get flash floods in places not prone to flooding.

Protective Measure & Analysis

It is essential to take life-saving precautions during the water restoration process. To avoid property damage happening, the power supply must get cut off the affected area. We also recommended that you turn off the main power supply valve to protect your inventory and furniture. This step can help avoid significant damage to your furniture if the water is leaking inside. It can moreover help you save money on the restoration process.

Water Damage Phoenix
Water Damage Phoenix

When Should You Contact Us?

Our company has expertly provided water damage repair services in Phoenix. No matter how prepared you are, water disasters can happen anywhere. Don’t hesitate to use our water damage restoration services for your commercial or residential properties. A flood usually results in water damage to homes, which seems on the surface to be a minor problem. Still, it can rapidly worsen into extensive, potentially deadly damage to property and human health.

Choosing the right time can help minimize further damage. The technicians we work with are certified and authorized and work quickly and compassionately to reduce water damage.